the right fare,
the right route,
the right reservation

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Stop paying more for your airfare than you have to.
RightFare is an automated module that finds you lower fares.

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Quickly and easily book guests, crew or any other fare type
robotically or through a web interface within business rules
utilizing all of your negotiated fares



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Know what you are booking,
when you book it



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Issue Tickets in less
than half the time



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Instantly Reshop PNRs to lower the fare, to improve
the flight quality, or simply because you feel like it



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Stop spending precious time working countless schedule changes
on the same set of records you worked the previous week

Main Services

RightRez is a leading air travel technology company that provides creative automation solutions for the tour, cruise, and marine/offshore/cruise line crew markets.

RightRez provides dynamic air booking solutions, air itinerary management tools, innovative re-shopping tools, and custom applications. RightRez powers many top agencies driving down the costs of air travel while delivering consistent and accountable results. RightRez manages your air reservations from start to finish to not only support and improve your current air department processes, but also improve service to your customers.

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Our Products


The right air booking solution for your business. RightRez offers a complete line of automated air booking solutions, optimized for your specific business and industry.

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Our mid-office products provide early detection of issues, automate data entry of required PNR content, and produce quality reports enabling you to be proactive in your business decisions.

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Fare Optimization

Our reshopping products are designed to reduce air costs and to save agent time. As air availability, fares, and market conditions change, stay one step ahead with fully automated reshopping.

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RightRez offers an automated ticketing process that reduces the amount of time spent issuing tickets, therefore lowering the cost of running your air department.

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Recent RightRez News

RightRez Launches Third Generation RightFlight Booking Engine - RightRez, the leading provider of creative automated air booking solutions for the tour, cruise, and offshore crew markets, is excited to announce the launch of the third generation booking engine, RightFlight. The third generation of the RightFlight supports enhanced instant shopping functionality and faster search results. Building upon the existing booking engine, RightRez optimized the product to derive... Read more »
Automated Air Bookings Help Fuel Millennial Appetite for Vacations - It’s no secret that online travel and tourism is a competitive business. Maintaining an edge in an industry saturated with online booking options is no easy feat. It can cause anxiety among the most seasoned travel agents and tour operators. And, the travel and tourism market is on par to hit the projected five percent growth... Read more »
Ask These Questions During Travel Software Demo - Have you ever purchased a new software only to find out it isn’t really what you or your company needed?   Have you ever been on a product demonstration where the conversation is completely driven by the sales rep? Our Vice President, Maria Regester, shares her thought leadership on choosing the right travel technology software for your... Read more »
The Impact of Dynamic Pricing on the Airline Passengers - A common trend in the travel world that makes passengers as anxious as the security lines is a practice that airlines use called “dynamic pricing.” What exactly is dynamic pricing? Maria Regester, Vice President of Business Development at RightRez, Inc., states that this is a concept of automatically making modifications to the price listed for... Read more »
The best fare in today’s market is not objective, but the RightFare is - For companies with any air travel volume, agents and travel teams may be required to research, negotiate and implement the best itineraries with published and negotiated fares on flights, as well as to book cars, hotels, etc. in the same fashion as individuals, but for many different travelers. The manual process puts a company in... Read more »

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