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Eric Huggins Director Cloud

Eric Huggins,
Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Eric Huggins, RightRez’s Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Services, is responsible for the design, implementation, management, and operation of the cloud-based technology supporting Rightrez. Mr. Huggins leads Azure Architecture and DevOps practices to ensure RightRez’s robust IT infrastructure meets the needs and growth of the travel market today and in the future.

Before joining RightRez, Eric Huggins spent nine years at Pinnacle of Indiana where he most recently served as the Cloud Services Practice Manager and Principal Architect. There, he was responsible for providing consulting and direction to Pinnacle and Pinnacle clients, helping each employ high-level innovative cloud-based technology solutions to address their company goals and objectives. Mr. Huggins is a talented IT and business professional who is well-versed in business technology insights.

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