Knowing when travel volume calls for automation

15 August 2017

Knowing when travel volume calls for automation

Although each air travel department is inherently different, operational emergencies and traveler pressure are the main challenges air departments encounter on a regular basis.  The time required to provide clients with superior service and deliver the expected results require human care and interactions. While Siri and Alexa try to simulate a human sense of humor and intelligence, a relationship and the human touch, is not a function that, at this point in time, can be automated with authenticity. Automation of business processes and efficiencies have been expanding rapidly. Knowing when to implement automation for the benefit of clients and your business isn’t a guessing game. There are many indicators that may point to your departments need to automate.  

According to a recent Forbes article, “Millennials And Automation: A Departmental Examination,”  about 60 percent of businesses across the globe could have at least one-third of their business processes fully automated with technology that exists today. Automation, including the technology we have developed at RightRez, presents immediate efficiencies for clients.   

For the travel and technology industry, automation can create strong business efficiencies.  The first is the ability to streamline and augment a manual process, i.e. finding and booking lower fares on the same itinerary or optimizing fares when business or market conditions change. Automation is the most effective way to ensure responsiveness to market fluctuations are leveraged and cost savings are secured.  

Overcoming business growing pains is the second most common way automation supports the average travel department. Some departments have a single air and ticketing agent, but once a company outgrows this original model, incorporating automation is the most efficient and effective way to continue on a growth trajectory. Attracting and keeping great agents has long been a challenge for the travel industry and automation is a reliable way to support existing talent without over-taxing their workload.  

Air travel is one of the most volatile industries and is in constant flux. Even the most seasoned industry experts have experienced what it feels like to be without a flight plan.  Automation of processes is a solution that can help eliminate the x-factor in travel management. In the past 14 years, RightRez has integrated automation for booking, fare optimization, quality control, scheduling changes and ticketing for a number of great clients.  

And, the automation processes we’ve implemented for them have led to significant savings and other benefits. 

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