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Maria von Foerster

Maria von Foerster,
Chief Executive Officer

Maria von Foerster joined the RightRez family in 2007 after completing a degree in Informatics at Indiana University, with a focus in Business. She feels fortunate to have learned early on that a good work ethic and a willingness to learn will take one far. Finding what drives a person each and every day will take one even farther and is truly the key to success. When first introduced to the travel technology industry, she was captivated. It is that passion and drive that has afforded Maria the opportunity to truly build a career in a specialized area of service for an complex industry. Having held the positions of Business Analyst, Manager of Support and QA, Director of Client Services, and Vice President of Business Development has provided a unique opportunity to know this business and this industry at an intricate level.

As CEO at RightRez, Maria is thrilled to lead and be part of a specialized team that pushes forward with an innovative strategy while supporting and driving value into customers’ organizations along the way. RightRez is proud to unlock significant air fare savings while driving efficient and sustainable air department processes for some of the most well-known corporations in the cruise, crew and tour operator industries!

Maria was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana; she loves seeking out new and interesting restaurants and is passionate about travel. When time allows, you might find Maria wandering the streets of a large city or relaxing on a sunny beach.

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