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Meet the RightRez Team: Our Software Engineers

1 May 2019

Meet the people behind RightRez—the software development team who work day in and day out developing and supporting the innovative solutions for our clients. This top-notch team of specialists brings their combined decades of expertise to support RightRez’s mission to provide dynamic air booking solutions, air itinerary management tools, innovative re-shopping tools, and custom applications for the tour, cruise, and marine/offshore/cruise line crew markets.

Our Agile Development Team Members

Shawn has more than 25 years of experience in software development. He previously worked for NASA, where he helped spearhead the software that makes flight plans 3D and accessible online. At RightRez, Shawn’s focus is on GDS integration.  This means he is the one responsible for keeping RightRez software communicating across the latest and greatest GDS APIs as well as implementing new features that are continuously being added to the API.

Brandon joined the RightRez team in January 2017 and moved up from his initial position in software support to his current role as a software engineer. As a software engineer on the UI/UX team, Brandon helps develop and optimize the website interface to support travel agencies and tour operators across the globe. Most recently, Brandon worked on the UI for RightRez’s third generation booking engine, RightFlight.

Tim is a Sr Software Engineer at RightRez. Tim came to RightRez with prior travel industry experience. Tim also spent 20 years in the retail industry, working as a lead programmer for multiple companies. As one of the first developers at RightRez, Tim has played a major role in the expansion of the engineering department.

Kevin is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience designing solutions to solve business problems in the cloud or on-premise. Before joining RightRez, Kevin architected a solution that turned a small ground transportation company into the US leading provider of transportation to flight crews in the airline industry. This was done by ingesting data from the airlines then automating and dispatching this data out to drivers via mobile technology with GPS tracking.

Thomas is an application developer with over 7 years of experience utilizing .NET technologies. He is experienced in creating applications that work to optimize and facilitate data mining and transformation. As a C# developer at RightRez, Thomas corrects and improves software used to handle travel agency booking requests.

Eli joined the RightRez development team in March 2017 and currently works as a software engineer. His background in biological engineering coupled with his passion for programming led him to pursue software engineering. Eli began in software support at RightRez but quickly excelled at learning the industry and business processes.  He transitioned from support to QA, and then into software development where he leverages his strong travel industry business knowledge to develop innovative solutions for clients.

Steve is a software developer with 10+ years of experience leading local and remote Technical Support teams ranging in size from 5 to 50+ team members. Prior to joining the RightRez development team in March 2019, Steve spent 5 years at CA Technologies developing software solutions primarily for other software developers. Steve is currently involved in the development of RightRez’s new web-based API and enjoys the company’s customer experience-oriented culture.

While the software engineers on the RightRez development team work on different stages of the development process, bring different experience levels and skills and even work thousands of miles away from each other, they collaborate to deliver dynamic air booking solutions that meet an array of different needs and requirements. With a diverse product development team, RightRez is able to continue improving and innovating automated air travel booking and management technology.

Careers Opportunities

RightRez manages air reservations from start to finish to not only support and improve air department processes but also improve service to customers. To learn more about our team and explore career opportunities at RightRez, visit our Careers Page

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