How RightSked Helps Manage Schedule Changes

8 January 2018

With airlines driving the schedule changes for flights and bookings, the travel industry is forced to take a reactive position to managing the unanticipated and continuous changes in flight plans. A major concern for our clients usually centers around the question, “Is this scheduling change going to cause an issue with getting on our cruise,… Read more »

Why the shared platform model

6 September 2017

At RightRez, we are in a unique position for the travel and tourism markets which also carries with it, a unique point of view. For that reason, our approach to product development has also included a dedication to eliminate any competitive aspect from our product. That’s why we’ve developed and focused on the shared platform… Read more »

RightRez and Tourism Cares

1 September 2017

This year, RightRez joined many great organizations in the travel industry in supporting Tourism Cares, a charitable community that advances the travel industry’s social impact. Tourism Cares focuses on volunteer opportunities and charitable giving, and leverages the travel industry’s capability to give back. For 2017, Tourism Cares is hosting events in 4 different cities across North America including Oakland,… Read more »

Dynamic pricing in the travel industry

31 August 2017

Dynamic pricing is not so much an event as it is daily life within the travel industry. As a watchdog and savings-generator for travelers, we are responsive to the practice of dynamic pricing, but the over-arching process of revenue management remains top-secret to transportation companies. Dynamic pricing has been in practice for quite a few… Read more »

RightRez partners with Helloworld Travel

21 August 2017

RightRez is excited to announce a new partnership with Helloworld, the leading Australia-based travel company with a network of 2,000 independent agents. The partnership will deliver a streamlined approach to managing travel technology and bookings. With Helloworld’s mission to offer Australian travelers access to industry-leading services and the best travel values, RightRez is excited to bring fare savings and efficiencies to Helloworld’s operations.