Automated Air Bookings Help Fuel Millennial Appetite for Vacations

28 November 2018

It’s no secret that online travel and tourism is a competitive business. Maintaining an edge in an industry saturated with online booking options is no easy feat. It can cause anxiety among the most seasoned travel agents and tour operators. And, the travel and tourism market is on par to hit the projected five percent growth… Read more »

Ask These Questions During Travel Software Demo

24 July 2018

Have you ever purchased a new software only to find out it isn’t really what you or your company needed?   Have you ever been on a product demonstration where the conversation is completely driven by the sales rep? It’s important to make the most out of a travel software demo, which starts with asking the right… Read more »

Travelers at airport - dynamic pricing

The Impact of Dynamic Pricing on the Airline Passengers

27 June 2018

A common trend in the travel world that makes passengers as anxious as the security lines is a practice that airlines use called “dynamic pricing.” What exactly is dynamic pricing? Maria Regester, Vice President of Business Development at RightRez, Inc., states that this is a concept of automatically making modifications to the price listed for… Read more »

The best fare is not objective but RightFare is

13 March 2018

For companies with any air travel volume, agents and travel teams may be required to research, negotiate and implement the best itineraries with published and negotiated fares on flights, as well as to book cars, hotels, etc. in the same fashion as individuals, but for many different travelers. The manual process puts a company in… Read more »

How RightSked Helps Manage Schedule Changes

8 January 2018

With airlines driving the schedule changes for flights and bookings, the travel industry is forced to take a reactive position to managing the unanticipated and continuous changes in flight plans. A major concern for our clients usually centers around the question, “Is this scheduling change going to cause an issue with getting on our cruise,… Read more »