Making travel decisions in a vacuum

26 July 2017

As many of us know, travel is up. This means that Travel technology is also up. However, for a lot of companies, it’s not as optimized as it could be. In the decades we’ve spent developing technology for the travel industry, we’ve continued to see travel decisions about technology weighed and made in the management team…. Read more »

Reduce travel stress and disruption with the right automation

12 July 2017

Recently published by the Washington Post, the article “Ten Ways to Diminish Travel Stress” opens with the following: “The stress of travel is enough to make you wonder if the getaway is worth it.” Yet, traveling is not an option for many businesses so it becomes more focused on a solution for bettering travel and… Read more »

RightRez Partners with Country Walkers & VBT Bicycling

11 July 2016

RightRez partners with two Vermont-based active travel companies, Country Walkers (CW) and VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations (VBT), to provide automated travel technology solutions to streamline air bookings. Country Walkers began with a simple idea: explore the world actively, passionately, and with a commitment to authentically engaging with local cultures. Today, Country Walkers offers world-class… Read more »

Publications Include News of RightRez’s Hire

16 May 2016

The news of Gary McNickle, RightRez’s hire, was recently featured in the following industry news publications. Click on the publication’s logo to access the article.    

Industry Expert Joins Implementation Team

13 May 2016

Crys Ager, formerly of Holland Cruise Group, to Join Project Implementation Team at the Automated Air Booking Technology Company   RightRez, the leading provider of automated air booking solutions for the tour, cruise, and ERM industries, announced today that Crys Ager has joined the firm as Implementation Project Manager. Ager will serve a key project… Read more »