Finds and recovers lower private fares on the same itinerary that is booked, requiring no agent intervention and returns an average savings of $75 per passenger.

How much money are you losing due to:

  • Booking into up-sell classes because lower fares are not available at time of booking?
  • Unawareness of all fares offered in the market?
  • Lack of time and/or staff to search for lower fares?


What is RightFare?
RightFare is an automated process that finds and recovers lower private fares on the same itinerary that is currently booked. It requires no agent intervention and runs nightly securing fare savings while you sleep. RightFare has saved over $150 million collectively for our clients since its inception in 1999.


How can RightFare benefit you?

  • Reviews all PNRs daily searching for better fares.
  • Recovers the better fare at the time of identification, securing savings immediately.
  • Same itinerary, same seats. The lower fare is only secured on the exact same itinerary that was originally booked and seats that were selected prior to recovering the better fare are immediately recovered if they are available. If they are not available immediately, we keep trying to get them or something similar.
  • Typically at least 20% of PNRS are booked in a higher fare than necessary.
  • On average 16% of PNRs will result in traveled fare savings of roughly 29% per passenger.


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