Identify PNR errors and capture the most up-to-date data on all of your bookings, allowing you to track and take control of your PNRs well before time of ticketing.

Do your challenges include:

  • Making sure required content is in the PNR?
  • Keeping a current stored fare in the PNR?
  • Spotting trends in your bookings?
  • Tracking and controlling your budget?
  • Uploading itinerary information into your host system?
  • Spending time to quality check bookings when the majority of the time they are fine?


What is RightQC?
RightQC is an automated quality control product that captures up-to-date data on all of your bookings, performs quality control validations, and adds required content to PNRs. RightQC enables you to react to the many things that can happen throughout the life cycle of a PNR prior to ticketing.


How can RightQC benefit you?

  • Stores the fare when the itinerary is updated so that the faring information is as accurate as possible.
  • Feeds updated itinerary information back to your host system so that your reservation system always has the up-to-date itinerary.
  • Manages PNR content so that you can avoid cancellations and debit memoes.
  • Provides quality control validations on all PNRs so that your team only has to focus on PNRs with problems.
  • Manages Stored Fares by restoring fares if missing, or repairing fares if they are out of date ensuring that your PNRs are error free and ready for ticketing at any time!
  • Can add or update retention lines right before travel to keep your PNRs active for as long as possible.
  • Ad hoc query tools to immediately access PNR data, pre or post ticketing.


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