Keeps your bookings under control and automatically reacts to changing business and market conditions by optimizing the fare on existing PNRs to adapt to new requirements.

How much time are you spending rebooking PNRs due to:

  • PNRs being booked on an over-budget itinerary?
  • Better quality flights opening up in the market?
  • Airlines deciding to go on strike and cancel fights?
  • Simply trying to find a lower fare?


What is RightReshop?
RightReshop is an automated product that optimizes the fare on the PNRs you specify based upon the criteria that you set. This process enables you to increase itinerary quality, lower your air spend, move PNRs from one carrier to another, and manage your PNR budgets.


How can RightReshop benefit you?

  • Reviews all PNRs daily searching for fares that meet the specified criteria.
  • Over-budget rebooking so that you can continue to try to reach your budget goals.
  • Improve flight quality so that the passenger is getting the best itinerary at a manageable cost to you.
  • Manage carrier load so that you can respond to unforeseen airline challenges that inevitably arise at the most inopportune times.
  • Lower the fare which lowers the costs of your air department.


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