Reduce travel stress and disruption with the right automation

12 July 2017

Recently published by the Washington Post, the article “Ten Ways to Diminish Travel Stress” opens with the following: “The stress of travel is enough to make you wonder if the getaway is worth it.” Yet, traveling is not an option for many businesses so it becomes more focused on a solution for bettering travel and agent operations.

Proactive solutions exist for a reason, so you can minimize the stress of the travel process. And with automation, you can help your clients or travelers completely avoid the two most commons obstacles to board: flights that were booked and not ticketed, and the ticket timing issues that can increase fares.

It doesn’t have to be that way – the frustrated calls from the airport don’t need to happen. Your travelers won’t miss their connection from a ticketing error or a last-minute change that required an agent to accept or rebook. Automation can catch problems early, eliminate the potential for human error, and even be customized the fully support complex routing and business rules. At the end of the day, it’s all about operational improvement. If you don’t need a whole brand new tech platform, don’t do it. The right automation technology can deliver significant savings from the operational costs to the man hours needed to manage travel programs.

When it comes to the travel industry, technology will continue to evolve and we sincerely believe it will reduce the headaches associated with travel. The way RightRez has continued to lead the pack is by listening. Technology like dynamic booking solutions and tools for itinerary management exist to eliminate the stress and headaches for our clients. They identify the gaps in the air booking arena. We continued to listen, and we continued to develop products that make you a faster, more efficient version of your business.

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