RightFlight Robotics…Supporting Growth in a Post-COVID World

14 June 2021

We would like to take a few minutes to share what RightRez has been up to!  As with the rest of the travel industry, the pandemic rocked our world as well.  But, we are happy to share that we still have our core team and we used the time to pour ourselves into building a brand new robotic flights booking engine on leading-edge architecture.  Beta testing results of this new RightFlight Robotic product have been extremely positive and resulted in an 83% increase in successful air bookings being created without the involvement of a human resource.
What does a leading-edge architecture mean and why is it important?  In short, it means using the latest and greatest to build the latest and greatest.  Moving from a traditional server/on premise environment to a Cloud Hosted, Service Oriented Architecture utilizing Azure Durable Functions with a detailed REST API sitting on top of it, is huge change. Not only from a software development perspective, but also from a software management, deployment, and support perspective.  It makes it possible for certain operations to happen automatically that in the previous world had to be created and built in.  For example, auto-scaling to handle volume and backup/failover functionalities.  A feature like auto-scaling is now more important than ever as we face a return to travel and pent up demand like we have never seen before! 
While building our technology on the new platform, we also worked very closely with our GDS partners to ensure we take advantage of the many API improvements that they have been rolling out to improve our flight selection algorithm.  It takes a finesse and detailed understanding of air schedules, fares, and GDS platforms to book the best quality flights at the best price within our clients’ business rules.  RightRez has been building booking engines for over 18 years and have taken all of that experience combined with the new technology provided by Cloud providers and the GDSs to create this new cutting edge version.  
Check out what one of our valued clients has to say about this product:
“RightFlight Robotics is a powerful tool that streamlines our operation and makes us far more efficient when it comes to booking flights to correspond to our guided tour product. It is especially valuable in the post-pandemic environment when many travelers book travel that’s more than 12 months in the future; RightFlight takes care of these bookings with a set of quality-control rules that ensures optimal itineraries are being booked as soon as the flights are made available in the GDS. This is especially important in the reduced-staff business environment when the expectation of the increased booking volume happening very suddenly once the pandemic-related travel restrictions are lifted.” – Vesna Mojas, Director of Air Operations & Special Projects
Our customers are returning to travel with reduced staff while also facing an outstanding 2022.  Our focus is to provide products that allow our customers to do more with less while still providing the same fantastic service they always have.  Stay tuned for more sound-bytes on the RightFlight Robotics product!

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