RightRez and Tourism Cares

1 September 2017

This year, RightRez joined many great organizations in the travel industry in supporting Tourism Cares, a charitable community that advances the travel industry’s social impact. Tourism Cares focuses on volunteer opportunities and charitable giving, and leverages the travel industry’s capability to give back. For 2017, Tourism Cares is hosting events in 4 different cities across North America including Oakland, Detroit, Toronto and Providence.  

In a few weeks, RightRez team members, Shannon Taylor and Traudel McKinney, will travel to Providence for the city’s event. The event will start with guided tours of the city to learn about the culture and history of Providence and by the second day will be working on landscaping and beautification projects like park cleanup, urban gardening preparation, mural painting and fencing repair.  

“Providence is filled with historical landmarks. It will be incredible to see the industry’s efforts from the event. We’re excited to get involved with Tourism Cares and the opportunity to volunteer in a new city,” says Taylor.

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