Why the shared platform model

6 September 2017

At RightRez, we are in a unique position for the travel and tourism markets which also carries with it, a unique point of view. For that reason, our approach to product development has also included a dedication to eliminate any competitive aspect from our product. That’s why we’ve developed and focused on the shared platform model.

With shared contributions and benefits, the fundamental reason behind this approach is so that we can deliver even more value through the power of collaboration.

The difference of perspective from each client can and will lead to much more significant returns. Initially, the technology and automation present increased flexibility and an optimized delivery of our product solutions. But the collective perspective also advances the sophistication and progress of RightRez technology, automation and product development to ensure we deliver the most value available.

Without having to manage exclusivity for many individual clients, the platform maintains high performance and productivity, and also integrates industry-specific changes quickly. As a prominent fixture and focus for our client service, the shared platform brings together individual perspectives, unique and global business challenges with a cost-sharing approach, and the rewards net even more savings for each of our clients.

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