Now Mix and Match Round Trip Flights with RightTour

1 December 2014

Advanced Shopping Capabilities Deliver Best Itineraries at the Best Pricing

RightRez’s RightTour Air Booking Engine 2.0 provides a quick, easy, and reliable way for reservation agents and passengers to shop and book net fares online:

  • Prices net and/or published fares
  • Books stopovers and travel with itineraries
  • Identifies the best itineraries at the lowest available fares • Offers advanced shopping capabilities
  • Allows flexible integration with reservation systems
  • Sends customized email quotes
  • Offers up-sell pricing to higher service levels
  • Provides advanced markup management
  • Applies business rules, returning flight options that only meet established requirements
  • Returns live availability as quickly as 15 seconds

By applying a new and innovative algorithm and with minimal system administration, RightTour can quickly target availability and retrieve the best itineraries. Additional updates include:

  • New and Improved Interface – A sleek new interface allows the user to quickly view the pertinent flight information.
  • Mix and Match Shopping – Provides the ability to mix and match the outbound and return options while still providing round trip pricing.
  • Increased Speed – Successfully pulls live availability in as quickly as 15 seconds.
  • Published fares – Itineraries can be priced using published fares and net fares in one itinerary, providing the best routing and the best fare for hard to reach locations.
  • Block Management – Uses a new block management system allowing air departments to efficiently manage block space, including utilization tracking, schedule change management, and automated ticketing.
  • Advanced Sorting – Ability to differentiate and display non-codeshare flights ahead of codeshare flights.

“RightTour 2.0 is an improvement on a product that we have been developing for years. All of our research and development is really paying off.” said RightRez’s CEO Michael von Foerster. “By giving their customers input in the air booking process, tour agencies are seeing increased air volumes and higher customer satisfaction ratings when using our products.”

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