Developed in collaboration with our clients, our product lines deliver a comprehensive set of tools that provide the power to automate the majority of your air bookings, thereby making the air department a lucrative extension of your business plan. When the profitability of your business dictates strict adherence to negotiated fares and the complexities that go with it, RightRez provides the tools to keep you on track. The RightRez product line provides a cost-effective and proven set of solutions that will maximize your profits and minimize your agent efforts.


The right air booking solution for your business. RightRez offers a complete line of automated air booking solutions, optimized for your specific business and industry.

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Finds the best flight options at the best fare optimized for your cruise or tour contracts and business rules, allowing you to seamlessly create, change, or cancel bookings.

rightflight for cruise/tour

Move marine/offshore/cruise line crew members all over the world with the push of a button, handling complex air itineraries, while following travel policy.

rightflight for crew


Our mid-office products provide early detection of PNR issues, automate data entry of required PNR content, and produce quality reports enabling you to be proactive in your business decisions.

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Identifies PNR errors and captures the most up-to-date data on all of your bookings, allowing you to track and take control of your PNRs well before time of ticketing.


Automatically accepts schedule changes that are within your business rules so that your agent can focus on larger issues.


Fare Optimization

Our fare optimization products are designed to reduce air costs and to save agent time. As air availability, fares, and market conditions change, stay one step ahead with fully automated reshopping.

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Finds and recovers lower private fares on the same itinerary that you have currently booked, requiring no agent intervention and returns average savings of 29% per passenger.


Keeps your bookings under control and automatically reacts to changing business and market conditions and optimizes the fare on your existing bookings.



RightRez offers an automated ticketing process that reduces the amount of time spent issuing tickets, therefore lowering the cost of running your air department.

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Manages your ticket time limits, allows submission of tickets via queue, spreadsheet or online query, re-stores fares and issues large batches of tickets in minutes.