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While RightRez may be known for product innovation, the company’s development is a tale of reinvention and improvement. Our flagship booking product offered the first booking tool to auto-book itineraries in a negotiated fare environment. Through the use of our proprietary availability and pricing algorithms, success rates are unrivaled in the industry. We have continued to utilize our in-house talent and clients’ knowledge to develop a full suite of automation solutions targeting every aspect of air travel.


RightRez was formed as a company in June 2003, however our product history began in early 1996.

At the time, RightRez Founder, Michael von Foerster, was employed with Cornerstone Information Systems which had been awarded the contract to provide an automated booking solution for Cunard cruise line. The project was fascinating because the booking engine had to combine the cruise line booking preferences and net air contract rules with their passengers’ requirements. Coupled with this the itineraries originated from all over the US and Canada to destinations worldwide.  This project and the challenges it presented have remained as interesting as the first day we started. The early challenges were unique and not easily modeled. Those same challenges still exist today as do new challenges that the last 10 years of our involvement with air travel systems have uncovered.

The original booking system solution was completed and implemented in early 1997. Through early successes, RightRez was able to attract additional clients who helped shape the early stages of the booking processes.

In June of 2003 the rights to the booking engine and other products that fulfilled requirements in the tour and cruise markets were sold to RightRez and a new technology innovator for the travel industry was born.

Where We Are Now

Industry leading air booking and management solution for cruise, tour, and marine/offshore/cruise line crew markets.

15+ years later we have integrated our software with multiple tour and cruise reservation systems, secured many of the top companies in the industry, successfully launched into the marine/offshore/cruise line crew vertical. We continue to innovate bringing new products and features to market based upon the needs of this ever-evolving industry.  As one of the first companies to offer an end to end reservation process allowing the process to be powered in a batch or web-based channel, RightRez continues to be in the fore-front of these efforts. We take pride in recognizing industry trends and developing solutions to enable clients to embrace these changes.

Our Leadership Team


Michael von Foerster

Michael von Foerster
Founder and Senior Software Engineer

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Maria Regester

Maria von Foerster
Chief Executive Officer

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Aaron Hosey headshot

Aaron Hosey
Chief Technology Officer

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Dana Jiacoletti

Dana Jiacoletti
Director, Client Services

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Eric Huggins Director Cloud

Eric Huggins
Director, Infrastructure
and Cloud Services

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