RightRez has enabled us to make significant reductions in the resource required to process our crew bookings; we are now processing around 80% of our bookings automatically.  The team have found the system easy to use in terms of our exception management and they feel that they are now able to provide a much more professional and timely service to our crew scheduling colleagues” – Jenny Boyd, Head of Air Planning and Operations, Carnival UK


Moves your marine/offshore/cruise line crew members all over the world with the touch of a button. It handles complex air itineraries, allowing travel planners to select flights via a web interface, automatically book from a batch spreadsheet, or book via a system to system integration.

How much time are you spending:

  • Trying to find the best fare and route?
  • Searching for availability to fulfill obscure travel requests?
  • Searching for an accepted routing for a particular nationality?
  • Trying to ensure that flights booked are within travel policy?

What is RightFlight?

RightFlight is an automated booking engine, optimized for the marine/offshore/cruise line crew environment.  It has the ability to integrate with your crew rotation system and processes initial bookings, changes, and cancellations. RightFlight lowers the cost of your air department by saving agent time, finding the best fares while maintaining quality and minimizing mistakes. RightFlight successfully booked over 85% of crew air last year for clients and could reduce your operating costs by approximately 35%.


How can RightFlight benefit you?

  • Books the lowest fare with the required quality so that you can be as cost effective as possible.
  • Validates business rules providing confidence that the flights booked are within travel policy.
  • Validates routing rules and VISA requirements against nationalities preventing denied entry and emergency re-booking situations.
  • Processes initial bookings, changes, and cancel requests enabling your team to effectively manage the flexibility the industry requires.
  • Manages budget information ensuring bookings are made within budget whenever possible and providing notification when they are not.
  • Multiple integration options including direct system to system, spreadsheet upload, or web entry to initiate flight booking requests.
  • Updates your crew rotation system with required information  about your bookings with no agent intervention required.


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