RightSked has provided critical automation in an area previously handled by live agents, which helped reduce our headcount and overhead costs. Staff is better utilized to handle more complex PNRs, while RightSked takes care of the high-volume repetitive tasks. The high level of customization allows the agency to set up the exact parameters and to change them at will. The RightRez support team acts quickly and competently when questions arise.” – Vesna Mojas, Director of Airline Partner Relations, Travel Corporation USA Inc


Automatically accepts schedule changes that fall within business rules so that your team can focus on larger issues.


Are you looking for a way to avoid using valuable staff time to work schedule changes that:

  • Could be automatically worked based upon business rules?
  • Are going to appear again and again before the time of ticketing, yet must be worked?


What is RightSked?
RightSked is a product that automatically accepts schedule changes based upon the parameters that are set by you. RightSked conserves valuable staff time allowing them to focus on those scenarios that need extra attention. Often one of the biggest challenges with schedule changes is that they are left un-reviewed until the time of ticketing. Improve your operational/cost efficiencies by allowing RightSked to process your schedule changes as they happen.


How can RightSked benefit you?

  • Immediately works schedule changes so that they are not left until the time of ticketing when space could be lost.
  • Offers flexibility in level of acceptance so that we can be as conservative or as aggressive as you require when working schedule changes.
  • Provides sorting of PNRs by error type allowing the team to focus their efforts based upon the scenario.
  • Runs daily┬áso that schedule changes are reviewed immediately rather than right before the time of ticketing when it is too late.


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