Use Automation to Grow your Business out of the Pandemic!

6 September 2021

We, as an industry, are resuming travel. Exciting, right?!  For those in operations, there is a feeling of excitement, but also stress while the following questions are running through their heads:

  1. How will I get the work done without the same level of staff?
  2. How will I have time to train new staff when I’m spending all my time trying to get the work done?
  3. What will happen if I can’t get everything done?

These are all big questions with a relatively simple answer, at least when it comes to applying them to an air department.  The answer is automation.  Can automation solve everything? Absolutely not.  An air department with advanced, human decision making skills will always be needed.  But those types of complex problems are exactly what they should be focused on rather than more straightforward tasks that can be automated by a sophisticated rules engine.

Automation can be applied to the areas of booking, quality control, schedule changes, fare optimization, and ticketing, but a very effective area to focus on is robotic booking.  There are many agencies that have a selection of bookings where the passenger is not involved in selecting the itinerary.  A human agent books the best flight within business rules over and over and over until they have booked hundreds of PNRs.  These types of bookings are perfect candidates to be considered for a robotic booking process.  For the sake of example, let’s say that you book 20,000 PNRs a year, with half of those being custom air with the passenger selecting their itinerary, while the other half are booked on the best flight available within business rules with no involvement.  With overall a success rate of over 85%, RightFlight Robotic booking could reduce that initial booking workload by about 70% in total.  Can you imagine being able to free up that much of your agents’ time to take care of other important department tasks?

Reach out to us today for a brainstorming discussion on how RightFlight Robotics or any of our other robotic products could work within your current air program to improve productivity and reduce costs!

Maria von Forester – Vice President of Business Development –
Shannon Taylor – Sales Engineer –

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